What is Cryptocat?

Cryptocat is an open-source web and mobile app that is used for encrypted online chatting. Although it is similar to TrueCrypt in that its code is open-sourced, it is used for an entirely different function. Here is a link that gives a brief overview of the uses of Cryptocat:

Cryptocat is only available for apple iOS devices and regular computers. The andriod version of Cryptocat is still being developed.

How to Use Cryptocat? 

Cryptocat is very simple to use. If you are on an iPhone or and iPad you should follow these simple steps:

1. Download the application from the app store

2. When downloaded, open the application and enter a name for the conversation

3. Enter a nickname for yourself.

4. The person on the other end of the conversation will have to enter the conversation name verbatim.

5. Once the person does that, both people will be directed to a encrypted chat-room where messages can be sent back and forth in real time.

If you are using Cryptocat on a laptop follow these simple steps:

1 . Go to

2. Click on the browser link that corresponds to the browser you’re using

3. After Cryptocat has downloaded, go to Tools>Extensions> Launch App

4. You should be directed to a screen which is similar to this one:



How can Cryptocat be used in the Medical Field?

Many times, doctors and patients need to communicate in a confidential way. Aside from a phone call, which can sometimes be inconvenient, there is not really a way for both the doctor and the patient to communicate in a secure way. With the use of Cryptocat, both the patient and the doctor can establish a secure chat-room where they can communicate with each other in real time. One of the big advantages of Cryptocat is that it is very easy to install and use. With the integration of Cryptocat in the medical field, easier access to doctors and patients can be attained.