Media Workflow Series / No. 7: Exporting & Uploading

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You’ve made it to our last Media Workflow blog post! The only work you have left is to export and upload your project.


Now that you’ve finished editing your project, you need to export it so you can watch and share it. Some possible export formats are .MOV, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, and AVCHD.

This webpage is a helpful resource for understanding the common video formats:

Once again, we also recommend checking out for tutorials that will walk you through exporting your project. Here are a couple helpful ones:

Premiere Pro:

Final Cut Pro:


The format you export your media to might also depend on where you want to upload it, so it’s a good idea to determine the best output settings for the website you are uploading your media to. Here are some helpful resources for the most common video sharing websites:



Kaltura (


Now that you’ve exported and uploaded your media, you’re officially done with your project! Congratulations!