Mechanics of Earthquakes and Granular Matter

…………… a space for everything trrrembling!Keywords: Friction, gouge, dynamic fracture ,thermo-hydro mechanical weakening, strain localization, stick-slip, induced seismicity, spectral boundary integral, slip pulses.

The long term objective of this research is to link small scale  processes in fault zones with large scale dynamic rupture characteristics, wave propagation, seismic and aseismic slip, and long term earthquake cycle models to provide rigorous predictive tools for nonlinear fault dynamics that can ultimately inform next generation seismic hazard models. Our work is contributing to the development of micromechanical models of deformation and failure in granular materials, modeling dynamic ruptures in heterogeneous fault zones and branched fault systems, identification of hydro-thermo- mechanical weakening mechanisms specific to fault gouge, investigation of strain localization and stick-slip dynamics in sheared and vibrated granular layers with breakable particles, and establishment of novel hybrid numerical techniques for multi-scale fault zone dynamics.

Team membersMohamed Abdelmeguid, Setare Hajarolasvadi, Konik Kothari (Alumnus), Xiao Ma, Yuyang Rao, and Ahmed Elbanna.

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