Leadership 2021-2022

Rachel Martini
Hello! My name is Rachel and I am very excited to be serving as President for the MCB GSA! Currently, I am a 5th year student in Dr. Van Der Donk lab. Outside of lab, I enjoy dancing and baking.
Outreach Coordinator:
Jessica Palalay

Hi! I’m Jessica and I’m excited to be the MCB GSA Biochemistry Dept representative! I’m a second year in Joe Sanfilippo’s lab and I am interested in understanding P. aeruginosa surface adhesion in a dynamic environment. Outside of the lab, you can probably find me on my scooter or walking my puppy on campus.
Communications Coordinator:
Temirlan Shilikbay
Hi! My name is Temirlan Shilikbay, and I am a 4th year Ph.D. student at Stephanie Ceman’s lab. I’m studying a gene called Mov10 and how its absence affects mouse brain structure and functioning. My role as a CDB representative is to relay information between GSA and my department and help to organize fantastic events to come. Outside of work, I like to do pretty much everything besides work.
Social Events Coordinator:
Shruti Bendre
General Board Members:
Caroline Vermilya
Jesus Moreno
Yu Wang
Michael Gates