MCB Course Restrictions and Waitlists for Fall 2019

MCB 101 – seats in this course are managed by priority lists.  To get a seat in this course, email Deb Bielser at with your name, UIN, year in school, major and reason for needing the course. MCB 245 – registration is restricted until April 19.  Students can add their name to the online […]

MCB Course Restrictions: Spring 2019

    Course   Restriction Date Removed   Waitlist   Link/Contact       MCB 101 MCB reviews a priority list of students whose major requires this course and allots for those students in need of seats. Other students are permitted to watch for seats to become available to register – No wait list.   […]

Important Information for Students Pursuing the Chemistry Minor

If you need advanced hours to complete the chemistry minor, you have a variety of classes to choose which should challenge and interest you. Please note that some course seats such as CHEM 360 are in high demand by chemistry majors and seats may not be available for student’s pursuing the minor. Restricted seats will […]

Information on MCB Course Restrictions

MCB 101 – Interested students should watch the course schedule closely for openings.  These will become available sporadically throughout the registration period. MCB 199, Merit– All seats restricted and managed by Alejandra Stenger.  There are request forms available to fill out at MCB 247 – Managed via waitlist at  Must be on the waitlist to […]

Overview of MCB Course Restrictions and Information

MCB 101: most seats reserved for students on priority lists through their advisor.  There will be 61 unrestricted seats.  Once those are gone students should just watch and wait for openings as we will be opening additional seats as they are available.  All restrictions for this course will be lifted on November 18. MCB 247: This course […]

EPSY 220: Career Theory and Practice

Looking for a Social and Behavioral Science general education requirement? In EPSY 220, students create a personalized academic and career plan with the support of their instructor and classmates. Through class discussions, lectures, self-assessments, and exploratory assignments, students are encouraged to consider their academic major and their future career paths. The course emphasizes work towards […]

New Certificate in Global Health Information Session

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP) is offering a Certificate in Global Health beginning Fall 2015. The Certificate is an interdisciplinary course of study that provides a credential which demonstrates student competency in the field of global health, including demonstrating social science competencies for medical school admissions. This […]

New ALEKS System for Math Placement

Attention students planning to take pre-calculus or calculus in spring 2016: The Math Department recently announced a new ALEKS system for math placement: ALEKS PPL (placement, preparation, and learning).  This new system includes placement tests and a Learning Module. Because the ALEKS PPL test is slightly different, there are NEW cutoff scores for math placement. […]

EPSY 203: Social Justice Group Dialogue Courses

EPSY 203: Social Justice Group Dialogue courses are now open for enrollment. These 1 credit hour second 8 week courses provide students with opportunities to converse on specific diversity and social justice topic areas offered as separate sections under the course heading. Each section uses a structured dialogue format to explore intergroup and intragroup differences […]

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