Overview of MCB Course Restrictions and Information

MCB 101: most seats reserved for students on priority lists through their advisor.  There will be 61 unrestricted seats.  Once those are gone students should just watch and wait for openings as we will be opening additional seats as they are available.  All restrictions for this course will be lifted on November 18.

MCB 247: This course is locked down and restricted to students on a priority list from their department or the Career Center and our waiting list, which is posted in the course schedule, until November 18.  After November 18 all restrictions will be removed

MCB 301: restricted to declared MCB & BIOC juniors and seniors until November 14.  Students needing to get into this course should email Renee Alt at rlalt@illinois.edu to be added to a wait list.

MCB 354: will be restricted to declared MCB & BIOC juniors and seniors.  Any students not fitting into one of the categories can fill out the following form: http://go.illinois.edu/MCB354SP17_AuthorizationRequest, for consideration.  Do not email Alejandra, just fill out the form.

MCB 462: once this course is full, students can email the instructors (Martha or Rhanor Gillette) to be placed on a waiting list.

MCB 450: once this course is full students should contact Renee Alt at rlalt@illinois.edu to be placed on a waiting list.  Please note, non-degree students have to wait until 4th day of class to get authorized for registration and that will only happen if there are still seats remaining in the course.

Students wanting to be considered for an MCB Merit Workshop should use one of the following forms.

MCB 150 (MCB 199): 


MCB 250 (MCB 299 50A): 


MCB 252 (MCB 299 52A): 


IB 150 Merit has it’s own lecture this semester.  Students participating in IB 150 Merit should take the AL2 lecture, the AE1 discussion and register for IB 199 to earn the extra credit hour.  Questions about this should be directed to Denise Kendall at kendalld@illinois.edu

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