EPSY 203: Social Justice Group Dialogue Courses

EPSY 203: Social Justice Group Dialogue courses are now open for enrollment. These 1 credit hour second 8 week courses provide students with opportunities to converse on specific diversity and social justice topic areas offered as separate sections under the course heading. Each section uses a structured dialogue format to explore intergroup and intragroup differences and similarities within historical and contemporary contexts. Specific focus will be on participants sharing their experiences and perspectives weekly readings, journal assignments, and topic based dialogues. May be repeated in the same term to a offering the following dialogue topics: Exploring Gender (Cis & Trans); African/African American; 2 Conservative/Liberal (Political Affiliation) dialogue; Exploring Disability; and US/International Relations: A Global Dialogue. For specific detailed information on the topics please go to: http://go.illinois.edu/EPSY203.

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