For a full list of publications from my laboratory, spanning 1980 to 2022, visit this Google Scholar page.

Recent publications can be found in the Research section of this website.

Beyond publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, we also have a list of selected papers published for a broader audience.

Selection of Editorials and Opinion Pieces

Berenbaum, M.R., 1992.  Invaded by insects.  New York Times, July 11, pp. Y-13 (Op-Ed).

Berenbaum, M.R., 2002.  How little we know.  NewsDay op-ed page Sunday, June 9.

Berenbaum M.R. 2005.  Notorious D.D.T.  Washington Post (Outlook); (June 12, 2005)

Berenbaum, M.R., 2007. Losing their buzz. New York Times op-ed, March 2, 2007.

Berenbaum. M.. 2008. Saline a natural stream, not just a drainage ditch. Champaign Urbana News Gazette op-ed, April 20, 2008

Gleick, P.H. et al. 2010.  Climate change and the integrity of science. Science 328: 689-690.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2010. This bedbug’s life.  New York Times (op-ed, August 7, 2010):

Berenbaum, M.R. 2016. Op-ed: The Zika virus doesn’t respect borders. It’s time for immediate U.S. action. Los Angeles Times March 21, 2016.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2016 (May 16, 2016). ESA Communicates with NSF CSBR Program on Hiatus (letter to the National Science Foundation on behalf of the Entomological Society of America)

Berenbaum, M.R., 2016. OWT testimony on funding levels for: the Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies (US House of Representatives) LHHS (House), CJS (Senate), and Interior (Senate)

Berenbaum, M.R., 2016. Speaking of insects. Op-Ed, Science 353: 1343.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2019.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences—Its evolution and adaptation. PNAS 115: 704-706.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2019. Speaking of gender bias. PNAS 116: 8086-8088

Berenbaum, M.R., 2019.Impact factor impacts on early career scientist careers. PNAS 116: 16659-16662.

Thorp. H.H., M.Skipper, V. Kiermer, M. Berenbaum, D. Sweet, R. Horton, 2019.  Joint statement on EPA proposed rule and public availability of data (2019). PNAS 116 (51): 25368;

Berenbaum, M.R., 2020. On a subject no one wants to read about (about which no one wants to read?) PNAS 117(1) 4-6;

Berenbaum, M.R. and M. McNutt, 2020. Meanwhile, back “At the National Academies”. PNAS 117: 3343–3344

Berenbaum, M.R., 2020.  On Mr. Hyslop’s prediction, content archives, and preprint servers. PNAS 117: 9131-9134.

Berenbaum, M.R. 2020. PNAS and the pandemic. PNAS 117: 9650- 9651.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2020. PNAS and prejudice. PNAS 117: 16710-16712

Fenster, C. B., Anderson, G. J., Berenbaum, M. R., Burris, J. E., Collins, J. P., Colwell, R. R., … & Weis, J. S. (2021). A Call to Action: Marshaling Science for Society. BioScience 71(1): 7-8.

Berenbaum, M.R., 2021. On COVID-19, cognitive bias, and open access. PNAS 118: e2026319118;

Berenbaum, M.R., 2021. On zombies, struldbrugs, and other horrors of the scientific literature. PNAS 118(32): e2111924118;

Fisher, A. et al. (12 others) (2021) Protect pollinators–reform pesticide regulations. Nature 595(7866): 172,  8 July 2021 10.1038/d41586-021-01818-x


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