Our research focuses on transport in nanoscale and mesoscopic systems— graphene, nanostructured superconductors, and topological insulators. These systems often exhibit new properties due to confinement and strong electron correlations. An improved understanding of the nature of electronic transport in such systems has profound implications and impacts for topics ranging from high-temperature superconductivity to quantum computing. Our experiments connect unique materials, nanoscale structures, and electron correlations to novel fabrication and low-temperature measurements.

Major current research thrusts include studying:

  1. Arrays of superconducting islands coupled by graphene and topological insulators
  2. Induced superconductivity and non-equilibrium effects in InSb nanowires
  3. Anisotropic magnetoresistive effects in topological insulators with induced magnetism
  4. Electrical properties of graphene on nanospheres and nanorods