Research Question Confirmed

Like Gerard says, you have to find a topic you are curious to learn more about, research it, and then write about it. My research question is, “what types of resources are available on college campuses for transgender students?”.  I am curious to learn more about the transgender situation on college campuses.  I have never seen transgender issues first hand on campus, as I am a college student.  I am curious to learn what resources are available throughout the United States for transgender students. I also want to explore my campus, the University of Illinois Ubrana-Champaign too see what there is to offer as well.  My topic is extremely important, because transgender students are not always given the same rights as others. They are often marginalized and lacking support. Since I am a student, I think it is important to know resources that help students, even if it is not a resource I will be using.  If I know about certain resources that can help a transgender student, I would be happy to advise them to use a resource available on campus.

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