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SEARCH the Therevid Mandala data via PHP
data last updated 20 March 2011

The Therevid Project WebMandala search interface uses a stand-alone version of Mandala optimized for rapid PHP searching by periodically exporting updated data from the production database.

All georeferenced specimens with valid names are mapped in collaboration with John Pickering and, utilizing a tab-delimited export of specimen data and valid taxon names for the family Therevidae and dynamically producing maps of specimens by taxonCustomized maps of multiple taxa, including those from databases other than Therevid Mandala can be constructed for web viewing or publication. These maps are integrated into the PHP search interface for each project.

LSIDs are now supported in Mandala for specimens thanks to efforts by Garry Jolley-Rogers and TDWG’s resolver: (note that any specimenID assigned to the Therevidae project, which has been georeferenced, will resolve using this base and the SpecimenID assigned to it. Shaun Winterton pioneered the use of these for his 2009 paper on the therevid genus Neodialineura, in Zootaxa.

The PHP search format uses FX.php, FMWebSchool’s FMStudio to create PHP search pages with Adobe’s Dreamweaver. The PHP interface requires no real help before diving in, but hovering over some pieces of text can reveal tips for searching!