Restricted Party Screening

UIUC uses a software tool called Visual Compliance to expedite restricted party screening of the U.S. government export control lists of individuals or entities that are barred or otherwise restricted from entering into certain types of transactions with U.S. persons. Additional lists, which may be found in Visual Compliance under Authorities Consulted, are also used for the identification of parties restricted for other reasons. These may not be associated with export control but may be of interest when considering national security or foreign policy concerns.

Restricted party screening should be completed:

  • Before initiating formal or informal collaborations
  • Before discussing plans to engage in sponsored projects
  • Before exchanging personnel, materials, data, confidential information, or money with foreign persons, academic institutions, governments, companies, or other foreign entities
  • Before considering research collaborations or appointments

Restricted party screening must be completed for:

  • Foreign sponsors and vendors
  • Foreign research collaborators
  • Foreign sponsors of international travel and international conferences
  • University-sponsored applicants on H1-B and J-1 Research Scholar, Professor, and ShortTerm Scholar visas
  • All personnel associated with export-controlled research
  • Foreign entities with whom the university has confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements
  • Foreign visitors, visiting scientists, and visiting speakers
  • Subcontractors and subawardees to sponsored projects
  • Recipients of Materials Transfer Agreements

Complete Visual Compliance Screening Instructions