Welcome to the Mammalian NutriPhysioGenomics Laboratory at the University of Illinois. This site was developed to disseminate information about our research program and provide access to training opportunities in Animal Nutrition, Physiology, and Animal Genomics. Our program focuses on the study of tissue molecular (mRNA, microRNA, protein) adaptations due to nutrition and/or physiological state using beef, dairy, and swine as primary models. In addition, recent work is emphasizing the role of the rumen microbiome on the whole-animal adaptations to nutritional management.

Major topics of study include regulation of bovine milk fat and protein synthesis, skeletal muscle growth and development in beef cattle, bovine and swine mammary development, bovine hepatic patophysiology, and periparturient immune function. At the core of our Systems Physiology approach is bioinformatics analysis of gene networks and pathways in conjunction with performance, tissue composition, and blood physiological indexes. This integrative approach is allowing a more holistic view of animal physiology.

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