Welcome to the Illinois Major Throwback Machine!

Use your major as a gateway to the past!

Illinois Major Throwback Machine let’s you get an idea of what your classmates might have looked like during one of the most important eras of university history by allowing you to compare demographic data by undergraduate major between 1970 and 2016.

Just plug in your major and you’ll get useful demographic data as a starting point for learning more about school history!

This is a python program, you can download the files from https://uofi.box.com/s/nbj0f2c9tf0gfrlw8hxz0muzw8del06r and with a PythonAnywhere account you can run it in your browser. Click “Files” and make sure you download all of the files, and add every file in the program folder (called “program”) to PythonAnywhere in order for it to run. Click 1968_student.py and click “run” in order to launch the program.

When inputting, make sure your major is capitalized as a proper noun because you’re on a journey towards a degree that says “Political Science” or “Chemistry” and not “political science” or “chemistry.”