Northern Mahomet Aquifer HTEM Project (2023–2025)

In 2023, the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) received funding to conduct a second aerial geophysical survey, known as helicopter-based time-domain electromagnetics (HTEM), for the northern portion of the Mahomet aquifer. This effort, called the Northern Mahomet Aqufier HTEM Project, is supported by federal funding and is designed to characterize the distribution and character of the northern portion of Mahomet aquifer— north of Champaign County, in portions of Iroquois, Ford, and Vermilion counties (Figure 1).

For the Northern Mahomet Aquifer HTEM Project, the ISGS has contracted with SkyTEM Canada, Inc. to collect the HTEM data. Flight lines on this project will be collected with a spacing of 800 meters between lines, and a total of 5,917 km of data will be collected. Helicopter flights will begin in late January 2024 and will continue as weather permits until all flight lines are collected. Data evaluation, error removal, and processing will begin in late 2024, and analysis and interpretation of the data are scheduled to be completed late in 2025.

Figure 1: Study area for Northern Mahomet Aquifer HTEM Project. Portions of Iroquois, Ford, and Vermilion counties are included in the project study area.

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