Thursday, February 15th

Yesterday, Wednesday the 14th, the SkyTEM crew completed two production flights, covering 383 lkm. This brings the total production flight distance to 3605 lkm, representing 59% completion of planned flight lines. ┬áTotal flight lines completed are shown in green on the image below. Total planned flight lines are shown in blue. The team is unsure […]

Wednesday, February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day! Quote from the field team yesterday, Tuesday the 13th: “We have done two more production flights today. In case you are wondering, we did skip L206100 intentionally, and the reason is that we will use it to reduce ferry time getting to tie line L400200 when we move to Kentland Airport. Weather […]

Tuesday, February 13th

Quote from the field team on Monday: “We have done two production flights today on the West block. Weather is looking good for tomorrow.” The team flew 399 lkm, bringing the total flight distance to 2919 lkm, representing 48% completion of the total planned flight paths. Total flight lines completed are shown in green on […]

Monday, February 12th

This weekend, Friday the 9th through Sunday the 11th, the team conducted 6 more production flights totaling 1,002 lkm! Friday, February 9th, we kicked off the weekend with a very successful airborne demonstration at Frasca Airfield. Thank you to everyone who helped plan and organize the event and thank you to everyone who came out […]

Friday, February 9th

The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) is pleased to announce the second airborne demonstration for the Mahomet Aquifer mapping project at the Frasca Field Airport (1402 Airport Rd, Urbana, IL 61802) on February 9th at 11:00am. During this event, SkyTEM will provide a presentation and demonstration of their airborne surveying technology, helicopter time domain electromagnetics […]

Thursday, February 8th

After a foggy day prevented the team from conducting flights on Tuesday, two production flights were conducted yesterday (Wednesday, February 7th) on the south of block 1. 305 lkm were flown yesterday, bringing the total to 1667 lkm. The total planned flight paths are now 27% complete, which means we are more than a quarter […]

Tuesday, February 6th

Quote from the field team yesterday: “Thick fog rolled in from the north this morning preventing us from flying until the afternoon.” Nonetheless, the team still managed to conduct one flight and are now stationed at Paxton City Airport, where they will be operating for the next set of planned flight lines. Even with inclement […]

Monday, February 5th

On Saturday February 3rd, two production flights were conducted, followed by an addition two production flights conducted on Sunday February 4th. The flights this weekend completed block 3 of the planned flight paths (the lowest block of proposed flight lines). Between both days, 884 lkm (~2.9million feet!) were flown. A total of 1222 lkm were […]

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

A second production flight has been conducted over Vermillion County, adding 5 more flight lines and 178km (583990 feet) to the dataset. This brings the total flight line distance to 357 lkm, representing 6% completion of the total planned flight lines. Completed flight lines are shown in the image below, highlighted in green. Flown today 178 […]

Thursday, February 1st

Data collection for Vermillion County has officially begun! The first production flight over Vermillion County has been conducted out of Vermillion Regional. 5 flight lines have been completed, highlighted in green below. A total of 185 line kilometers (606955 ft) were flown, representing 3% completion of the total planned flight lines. Quote from the field […]