Monday, February 12th

This weekend, Friday the 9th through Sunday the 11th, the team conducted 6 more production flights totaling 1,002 lkm!

Friday, February 9th, we kicked off the weekend with a very successful airborne demonstration at Frasca Airfield. Thank you to everyone who helped plan and organize the event and thank you to everyone who came out to learn more about the project! After the event, the team went right into production flights, flying 222 lkm before the end of the day.

Flown today222 lkm
Total flown1870 lkm
Remaining4203 lkm
Completion31 %
Flight numbers provided by SkyTEM for Friday, February 9th.

Saturday, February 10th, the team completed two production flights in the East block of the project area, flying 389 lkm.

Flown today389 lkm
Total flown2212 lkm
Remaining3862 lkm
Completion36 %
Flight numbers provided by SkyTEM for Saturday, February 10th.

Sunday, February 11th, the team completed two more production flights, one in the East block and one in the West block. Between both blocks, the team flew a total 391 lkm before the end of the day. As of now, the team has flown a total of 2559 lkm, representing 42% completion of the total planned flight lines. Total flight lines completed are shown in green on the image below. Total planned flight lines are shown in blue.

Quote from the field team: “We will keep working on the West block for a few more days before we move the base over to Kentland Municipal Airport, probably on Thursday if all goes well, and will work from there for the remainder of the project.”

Flown today391 lkm
Total flown2559 lkm
Remaining3514 lkm
Completion42 %
Flight numbers provided by SkyTEM for Sunday, February 11th.
Map of the current phase of the project area. Green lines represent total completed flight lines. Blue lines represent total planned flight lines.