Friday, January 26th – CANCELLED

Due to weather-related delays, the Illinois State Geological Survey must postpone the airborne demonstration for the Mahomet Aquifer mapping project that was scheduled for tomorrow at the Frasca Field Airport.  We expect to reschedule this event to another time in the coming weeks and will resend invitations. We apologize for the late notice and appreciate […]

Sunday, December 11

We did three production flights today. The weather looks good for tomorrow so we should be able to complete the survey and move the system back to Frasca Airport. The image shows the flight plan for tomorrow. Flown today 548 lkm (340 line miles) Total flown 2903 lkm (1804 line miles) Remaining 189 lkm (117.4 line miles)

Thursday, December 8

We did three production flights today, although the last one was a bit shorter due to a late start. We also went to see a potential landing zone closer to the south of the block, which we will probably end up using for the remainder of the project. In the image, the green lines indicate […]

Wednesday, December 7

One production flight was conducted today, Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, from the Frasca Air Field in Urbana, Illinois. A total of 302 line kilometers (187 line miles) were flown. See the highlighted lines in the figure. The yellow oval represents the flights plan for tomorrow, December 8th. Flown today 302 lkm Total flown 1917 lkm […]

Demonstration Day Rescheduled

The demonstration and media day has been rescheduled to Wednesday, December 7th at 11 am at the Frasca Field Airport (1402 Airport Rd, Urbana, IL 61802), in Urbana Illinois. Reporters, legislatures and the public are invited to view the aircraft and equipment that will survey the Mahomet aquifer within the jurisdiction of Champaign County. ISGS scientists and […]