Plagiarism Checker

When I used the plagiarism catcher, it only caught one of my citations. I assume that it recognized the exact words and phrases from the original source, so it thought I used those exact words in my work. Luckily, that was the only content the plagiarism checker caught, which meant that I did not plagiarize anything. I failed to include in-text citations, but I made sure to add those in the revision. I think that it is very unfortunate that this tool does not work as well as it should because his could be a great tool for students. They would be able to submit their essays once with the checker and see if any plagarism occured. After the checker, they could go back again and fix their mistakes, avoiding any trouble and teaching them what to provent from the next assignment.

Although this tool could do great things from students, we do not want it to replace teachers. Like Professor Mary said, she had a certain feeling when a student plagarized, so we do not want the professors relying on technology when most of them have had much more personal experiences. Although, if this program was tweaked and perfected, it would cause a major improvement in the amount of plagarism found in students’ writing.