Points to Performance

While trying to come up with a metaphor for research and writing in my own life, I wanted to compare it to something positive. When students think of doing a research paper, they think of being bored at their desk with an extreme sense of writer’s block. But when I often think of it, I like to think of writing and research as developing an argument. Developing an argument in a research paper can easily be seen like learning to dance.

When learning how to dance, or learning how to do anything, you have to start with the basics. You need to learn to let your partner lead, how to move your feet, and move to a rhythm. The same concept goes to developing an argument. The most basic idea  with writing can be just simply finding your side of the argument. It gives you something to feed off of, regarding your research.

The next step to learning how to dance is learning the choreography. For someone starts from scratch, they probably are not coming up with organized, flowing moves by themselves, so they find an experienced partner to bring the whole performance together. An argument in writing is applicable here, too. But instead of a partner, we use sources. Sources guide our argument and supply us with facts to analyze both sides and form a valid point. We are not able go just make up facts and studies to write a beautiful paper.

After a lot of practice and gaining knowledge down the way, the two dancers have a near flawless routine to offer entertainment, or even motivate the audience to learn dancing or a new hobby. With developing an argument in writing, your point and research should make the readers want to make a change and make them form their own opinion. That way, with motivation, we learn more about everything, from everyone.