Hello! We are the Program Advisors


Nick Paulson | Associate Professor and Grad Director

As one of the program designers and a longtime ACE faculty member, Nick helps students navigate the MAAE program and provides leadership and mentorship along the way.

Research-wise, Dr. Paulson helps agricultural producers make the best farm- and risk-management decisions possible to optimize profitability and environmental sustainability. He analyzes government policies impacting agriculture, including crop insurance, commodity, and biofuels programs.

Katy Mosiman | Academic Advisor and Program Manager

Katy supports students in their application, orientation, and academic progress for the MAAE program. She connects students to the right resources and is always up to meet with them during any part of their grad school adventure. Katy’s background is in communications, international development, and agricultural education.


“I want to thank you both (Nick and Katy) very much for all your help through the MAAE process, always working with me on a non-traditional timeline and being incredibly helpful. It definitely feels like a great opportunity that I somewhat lucked into that I very well may have been deterred from had you not been as welcoming as you were.”
– Carrick (MAAE ’21)

Meeting With an Advisor

After completing the MAAE New Student Intake Form, you must sign up to speak with an advisor.

Schedule an appointment with advisor Katy Mosiman

New Student Intake Form

Before meeting with your advisor, please complete the New Student Intake Form. This questionnaire will help us learn more about your interests and goals, allowing us to better assist you.

Graduate student picnic at Illini Grove sponsored by the Graduate College.
Graduate student picnic at Illini Grove sponsored by the Graduate College.

Registering for Courses

Students register for courses using Enterprise Self Service. There are two methods to register for courses, using classic registration or enhanced registration. Both methods will allow you to enroll in courses, but the enhanced registration allows you to plan multiple schedule options. The full Fall 2020 course schedule will be available on Course Explorer in mid-March and will be linked here at that time.

Disability Resources & Educational Services Accommodations

The Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) is the designated office of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that maintains disability-related documents, certifies eligibility for disability services, determines reasonable accommodations, and develops and coordinates plans for the provision of such accommodations for students with disabilities. Contact DRES immediately if you are seeking accommodations as requests can take some time to process.

Academic services for students with disabilities are coordinated by DRES personnel who serve as access specialists. Each student who registers with DRES for the purpose of requesting disability-related academic adjustments and accommodations will be assigned an access specialist based upon the student’s primary disability. Additionally, there are services offered by DRES that are commonly used by students with various types of disabilities.

Students who wish to learn more about DRES services should call 217-333-4603 where they will be routed to the appropriate access specialist or they can visit the DRES website to complete and submit an application and review the disability documentation requirements.

tree planting
Dr. Madhu Khanna and Tess Lallemant assisting in tree planting in Brazil.