Best Decisions and Biggest Mistakes

Isaac in front of canyon

We caught up with Isaac Werries, a combined MAAE student specializing in agricultural markets and finance, before he graduates this December. After taking graduate-level courses in Fall of his senior year, Isaac entered the master’s in spring 2020. While classes started off on campus, Isaac finished his first semester remotely and completed an internship with Farm Credit in summer 2021.

MAAE: What’s your background and what originally drew you to this field?

Profile - Werries

ISAAC: I grew up on my family’s farm in central Illinois where I was exposed to agriculture at a young age. This was the largest factor that drew me into the agriculture field and brought me to the University of Illinois. It helped to decide my major and sparked my interest to the point that I decided to pursue my master’s degree.

MAAE: What has been your best experience during grad school?

ISAAC: Getting the chance to be a TA and see the other side of a classroom was one of the best experiences that I had as a graduate student. It was an eye-opening experience that gave me a newfound appreciation for professors and everything they do. It was also a great experience to be able to help students and be a resource for them.

MAAE: What’s the biggest mistake you made in your grad career?

ISAAC: I think the biggest mistake I made was not getting involved more. The MAAE is a shorter program, but I regret not taking the opportunities to get involved within the college more.

MAAE: What will you do next?

ISAAC: Next, I will start a job at Farm Credit Illinois as a Credit Business Analyst.

MAAE: What would you tell students starting the MAAE?

ISAAC: Be curious and ask questions. There is a lot that you can learn in class from listening, but asking questions can enhance your knowledge significantly.