Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics 

The non-thesis Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics (MAAE) is a professionally-oriented degree designed to prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers in the private and public sectors.

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When your graduate with your MAAE, you will have successfully trained in advanced microeconomics and econometrics, data science, system optimization and data analysis, all in relation to real-world applications in:

  • Food and Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Markets and Finance
  • Sustainability Policy and Management
  • Trade and Development

The MAAE’s focus on mastery of quantitative methods, field specialization, and internship experience prepares you for many career paths. Upon earning your master’s, you might become a(n):

  • Economic consultant
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Agricultural data analyst
  • Mid-level associate in major food and agribusiness industries
  • Commodity trader
  • Food security analyst in an NGO
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University of Illinois solar and crop research farm

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Highlights on students, faculty and program events, announcements, and upcoming opportunities.

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