Professional Experience

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Research Assistant, John A. Rogers’s group,
Aug 2011 – present

  • Bio-inspired flexible biomedical sensors (wireless/ neural/ cardiac/ pressure sensors)
  • Mentored 15 undergraduate researchers, 2 master students (2 in Ph.D. program, 3 in master program, 3 in industry)
  • Technical Skills: Microelectronics fabrication, Thin film and Semiconductor Processing, Circuit design and Simulation, RF testing, Data analysis and processing, Graphical Design

General Manager, John A. Rogers’s group,
Aug 2012 – present

  • Supervised and managed the operation and safety of group laboratories and offices (10 labs and 100+ members)
  • Established new laboratories, purchased new lab equipment and supplies from vendors
  • Organized research symposium for 30+ undergraduate researcher each semester


Innovation Immersion Program
(Student-run International Consulting Organization,

International Director (U.S., Sweden, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan)     
Dec 2013 – present

  • Establish new international chapters in South-Korea, Taiwan and Israel
  • Supervise international recruitment and local chapter leadership teams
  • Immersion Trip and Conference Planning

Senior Manager, South-Korea Industrial Gas Manufacturer                                           
Jan 2015 – present

  • Supervise project manager on team operation
  • Define the scope of projects and review team presentations
  • Global graphene market assessment

Consultant, Israel Business Intelligence Software Company
Aug 2013 –Dec 2013

  • US market entry assessment and analysis for Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software
  • Worked in an international virtual team and deliver presentation to client at Israel in Winter 2013


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Beamline assistant, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab
Aug 2010 – May 2011

  • Experiments & Data Analysis: Synchrotron Radiation experiments on Iron-Pnictide materials
  • User support: Assisted visiting scholars at Beamline for XAS, XES and RISX on instrumentation
  • Maintenance: Repaired, maintained and constructed beamline end-station


University of California at Berkeley

Research assistant, Birgeneau’s group, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley,
Oct 2008 – May 2010

  • High Tc Iron-based superconductors on 122 and 1111 systems
  • Synchrotron Radiation experiments at ALS, SSRL, APS, numerical and graphical analysis
  • Set up a new X-ray diffraction lab; maintenance of cryogenic supermagnet, machinery work, system designs