Current Group Members


Xin Liu

Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy

National Center for Supercomputing Applications


Graduate Students

Yu-Ching (Tony) Chen

3rd yr Graduate Student

Super-Resolution Imaging


Colin J. Burke

2nd yr Graduate Student

Black Hole Seed


Undergraduate Students

Sneh Pandya

Phys/Math+Astro Junior

Machine Learning in Astronomy


Anshul Shah

Phys Sophomore

Deblending and Classification



Dr. Wei-Ting Liao

PhD 2020 -> Postdoc fellow at U Melbourne

Dr. Hengxiao Guo

NCSA Associate -> Postdoc fellow at UCI

Kaiwen Zhang

Undergrad Class of 2020 -> MS student at U Chicago

Black Hole Seed; paper published in MNRAS

Devanshi Pratap

Undergrad Class of 2020 -> Microsoft

Machine Learning in Astronomy; NCSA SPIN recognition

Meicun Hou

Visting PhD Student, Nanjing U

X-ray Emission in Galaxy Mergers; paper published in ApJ

Dhara Mehta

Undergrad Class of 2018 -> MS student in Medical Physics at ECU

Black Hole Feedback

Jessica Medintz

Undergrad Class of 2018 -> MS student in CS at Loyola

Binary Black Holes and Ultraluminous X-ray Sources

Alexander Dittmann

Undergrad Class of 2018 -> PhD student at UMD

Tidal Disruption Flares; paper published in ApJ

Anna Kofman

Undergrad Class of 2017 -> PhD student at UPenn

Gamma-ray Variability of Fermi Blazars

Yang Lyu

Undergrad Class of 2018 -> PhD student at Berkeley

  Dual AGN/Outflow Selection; paper published in MNRAS

Dr. Jinyi Shangguan

KIAA/PKU PhD -> Postdoc fellow at MPIA

Dual AGN Host Galaxies; paper published in ApJ