Credit: 3 hours.

Studies the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe, and the scientific tools used to study these issues. Topics include aspects of special and general relativity; curved spacetime; the Big Bang; inflation; primordial element synthesis; the cosmic microwave background; dark matter and the formation of galaxies; observational evidence for dark matter, dark energy, and black holes.

Credit is not given for ASTR 350 if credit in ASTR 406 has been earned. Prerequisite: ASTR 100, or ASTR 121, or ASTR 122, or ASTR 210, or consent of instructor.

In particular, a background in physics or calculus is NOT a course requirement. It will be possible to do all of the required coursework with only the introductory background in the prerequisites. So if you are not a science major, and/or you do not have a physics or math background, this course is meant for you. But some students with a more technical background do take this course, and enjoy it and benefit from it.