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Finding the next book to read can be tough. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed by the available options and can’t pick one. Other times, you just may not know what to read. If this sounds like you, Lit Lang is here to help. On today’s blog post, you’ll find a variety of recommendations from various genres. To find these items in the library catalog, simply click on the title.

The Sellout, Paul Beatty 

2016 winner of the Booker Prize, The Sellout is a satire, following the story of the narrator as he discusses his life in Dickens, a lower-income town outside of Los Angeles. After his father is killed in a police shooting and his city of Dickens is wiped off California maps, the narrator decides to take action. With the help of another resident of Dickens, the narrator puts the town into the spotlight by reinstating slavery and segregation in the schools, landing him in the Supreme Court.



How to be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

How to be an Antiracist breaks down the intricacies of racism within society and points the reader towards new ways of thinking about ourselves and others, asking the reader to imagine what an antiracist society looks like and how we can progress towards one through our own actions. Kendi’s 2019 book gives readers the ability to do more than simply acknowledge racism: it gives them the knowledge and tools to help contribute to a truly equitable society.



Black Leopard, Red Wolf, Marlon James


A finalist for the National Book Award, Black Leopard, Red Wolf follows a mercenary–Tracker–as he tries to find a missing child. As one of the best hunters in the business, it’s no surprise that Tracker is hired to find the child. But when a group decides to join his search, he must abandon his rule of working alone. Filled with African history and mythology, Marlon James’ fantasy novel is a captivating and illuminating work.


Afropessimism, Frank Wilderson III


Afropessimism is both memoir and philosophy. Exploring how race impacts every aspect of life and society, Frank Wilderson III’s work draws on works of literature, philosophy, film, and critical theory, all while also recounting Wilderson’s experiences as a Black man. A poignant and thought-provoking work, Afropessimism provides a bit of clarity in a chaotic world.



Queenie, Candice Carty-Williams


Queenie is the story of a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman living in London, where she works for a newspaper, staffed predominantly by white middle class journalists. As a result, Queenie constantly compares herself to her white peers, and after a tough breakup with her longtime boyfriend, she looks for comfort anywhere she can. As she moves from one choice to another, she begins to question her actions, her reasons, and even her identity. Queenie is a raw, emotional novel exploring what it means to be a modern woman.

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