Forum outcomes

Pre-forum deliverables

IJDC Article

The project team shared preliminary findings in a paper presented at the 2018 International Data Curation Conference titled “Data Mining Research with In-copyright and Use-limited Text Datasets: Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Literature Review and Stakeholder Interviews.” The paper has since been published as an article in the International Journal of Digital Curation.

Attendee statements and project team position paper

Prior to the forum, attendees circulated written statements and SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analyses.

Additionally, the project team drafted and shared a position paper that synthesized information gathered through an environmental scan, during interviews with attendees, and via the aforementioned participant statements and SWOT analyses.

Interest groups

Forum attendees are communicating with one another via Google Groups. Those who did not attend the National Forum but would like to participate the conversation may submit a request to join one or all of the groups.

All-attendee group

For general post-forum conversation and announcements.

Legal Infrastructure group

For discussion of the legal issues surround TDM with use-restricted data. Result of the legal issues birds of a feather group at the National Forum.

Chicago Statement on Text Data Mining group

For ongoing work on the draft Chicago Statement on Text Data Mining that was started in a birds of a feather group at the National Forum.

 Post-forum deliverables

CNI presentation

Video recording of a presentation at the April 2018 Coalition for Networked Information conference sharing initial outcomes from the forum and project research.

CLC lively discussion

The lively discussion at the 2018 Charleston Library Conference, ” Standing Together Before We Fall Apart: Solving the Content as Data Problem,” brought conversations from the National Forum to a wider audience of librarians and publishers.

ASIS&T poster

The project team shared reflections on the ethical dimensions of this project in a poster presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology titled “Text Data Mining Beyond the Open Data Paradigm: Perspectives at the Intersection of Intellectual Property and Ethics.”