Conversation Starters for Liaison Groups – Enlisting Library Faculty and Staff in Gathering Input

The Strategic Planning Steering Team would like to enlist Library faculty and staff to assist in gathering informal input from groups external to the Library about our strategic plan, priorities, etc. We know that many of Library faculty and staff meet with faculty groups, campus administrators, student clubs, etc. on a regular or ad hoc basis.

If you have the opportunity between now and the end of spring semester, we would appreciate you taking time to talk with any group about the strategic planning process and what input they might provide. We have provided for conversation starters below; however, these are suggestions to inspire your thinking in leading a conversation. We are not suggesting that you would use all of them or conduct formal interviews or focus groups.

We have made a simple webform to collect the information – it asks for your name, email address, and the group you spoke with and then provides an open text field for you to submit your notes/reflections. You can access the form here:

Conversation Starters:

  • How should the Library support scholarship and innovation in your discipline/unit/group? How could the Library partner with you?
  • What opportunities should the Library take advantage of to support and augment teaching excellence in your department/unit?
  • What role can the library play in transforming and/or enhancing an integrative learning experience for students?
  • Are you and your students aware of library programming (lectures, workshops, instruction, events) on subjects in your field?  What are some opportunities that the library can take advantage of to supplement the student in-class experience?
  • What areas should the library prioritize in stewarding its collections (e.g. conserving resources, pursuing partnerships,  development and care of collections etc.)?
  • Can you comment on the space and/or physical environment of the Library?  What sorts of research and learning environments/spaces should the Library be developing to meet the evolving needs of researchers and students?