Scenario Discussions (Summary from Retreat)

Group discussions at the Library Retreat were based on discussion prompts. The use of scenarios for discussion was meant to generate ideas to think with over the coming months and not to indicate any predetermined decisions or priorities.

20150109_092748Each of the total of 12 scenarios was discussion by four tables of participants, resulting in 60 pages of transcribed input from the recording worksheets that each group filled out. That is a lot of text! In addition to reviewing the worksheets, the Strategic Planning Steering Team used a visualization technique in order to reveal some of the common themes as represented by keywords. Here is the Wordle that represents all of the input:

finalwordleofallinputIn addition to this overall Wordle, the Strategic Planning Steering Team reviewed the Wordles for all of the individual scenarios. The scenarios and the Wordles for each scenario are available here: individual scenario wordles [Word Document].