June 2024

I hope you have had at least a little time to decompress from a very busy spring semester and end to the academic year, and are looking forward to some time this summer both for yourselves personally and to shift focus to other things. Even after 30 years working in libraries, I always think I’m going to catch up over the summer and never really do, but the different pace is welcome nonetheless.

As you know we are getting started on some strategic and organizational planning and I want to encourage you to participate in those conversations over the next few months and the coming year. Thank you in advance for your good thinking and your help charting the path ahead.

I want to close with thanks and appreciation to everyone who worked so hard on planning the summer social – the food was delicious, and the setting and activities were wonderful. I loved having a chance to connect with many of you and hope you and your families had a good time. Big thanks to those who planned and worked on the social: of course, our exceptional events lead, Sara Berthier, the Planning Team (Christina Bonse, Sarah Christensen, Evie Cordell, JP Goguen, Celenia Graves, Karen Huck, Kate Lambaria, Sam Lechowicz, Eric Mosher, Kyle Rimkus, Anthony Stewart, Mary Ton, and Leon Wilson), and the following who helped on the day of the event: Christina Bonse, Sarah Christensen, Evie Cordell (and her children), JP Goguen, Celenia Graves, Kate Lambaria, Sam Lechowicz, Beth Lewis, Heather Murphy (and her husband), Kyle Rimkus, Nada Sweid, and Hannah Williams.

Claire Stewart
The Juanita J. and Robert E. Simpson Dean of Libraries and University Librarian