Dan Tracy Wins Library Publishing Coalition Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing

The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) Research Committee has announced that Daniel G. Tracy, Information Sciences and Digital Humanities Librarian, is the recipient of the 2018 Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing for his article, “Libraries as Content Producers: How Library Publishing Services Address the Reading Experience.” The award encourages research and theoretical work about library publishing services, and recognizes significant and timely contributions to library publishing theory and practice.

As participation in library publishing grows, the development of a strong evidence base to inform best practices and demonstrate impact is essential. Tracy’s article provides a snapshot of current practices and a baseline for future activities for library publishers to assess and improve the experience for readers of their publications. With the growing interest in nascent open source publishing platforms, this research on how library publishers can design for and respond to readers’ experiences is important.

“I am honored to be selected for the Library Publishing Coalition Award for Outstanding Research,” Tracy said. “LPC is playing an important role in fostering conversation and forward momentum among library publishing programs, and I have admired its efforts in this area. The research that led to this article was motivated by a desire to see more public conversations about users of library publications and publishing platforms incorporated into design. Libraries have a strong tradition of studying users of information systems, and events like the Library Publishing Forum are great opportunities to move that work forward in relation to new and evolving publishing programs.”

Tracy has completed prior research analyzing the public discourse around library publishing and found a lack of attention to libraries’ traditional work surrounding user needs and behaviors. Tracy’s article, “The Users of Library Publishing Services: Readers and Access Beyond Open,” was published by The Journal of Electronic Publishing, which is an open access journal.

Tracy’s work will be formally recognized at the 2018 Library Publishing Forum in Minneapolis, MN. He will receive a cash award of $250, travel support to attend the Forum, and an opportunity to share his work with the community.

Adapted from a Library Publishing Coalition News Release

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