Hussein Moustafa Selected for Arcadia Board

Laila Hussein Moustafa, Middle East and North African Studies Librarian and Assistant Professor at the University Library, has been appointed to the Donor Board of Arcadia, which is administered by the British Library. The Donor Board supports the preservation of endangered archival and museum material, and supports open access advocacy and repositories.

The Donor Board is made up of nine members: six external experts, two representatives of the British Library, and the chairman of Arcadia. Hussein Moustafa will provide expertise for the areas of the Middle East and Northern Africa. She said of her appointment to the Arcadia Board: “It was an honor to receive the invitation to serve on the Donor Board of Arcadia and it is a welcome opportunity to bring my expertise to the work of the Endangered Archives Program of the British Library. I have admired contributions of this program and I look forward to contributing to the ongoing work to identify and preserve the important archival materials for the cultures from which they come and scholars around the world.”

The Donor Board of Arcadia awards three types of grants to charities and scholarly institutions around the world: cultural, environmental, and open access. Cultural grants help to preserve at risk cultural heritage and supports digital documentation of near-extinct languages, endangered historical archives, artifacts, and cultural practices. Environmental grants preserve endangered habitats, making research on those places possible and sustainable. Open access grants help to make research, legal materials, and publications available to all through the Internet. Since 2002, Arcadia has awarded more than $363 million to projects around the world.

Hussein Moustafa joined the Library faculty in 2012 as the Middle East & North African Studies Librarian and Assistant Professor. Before coming to the University of Illinois, she was a Cataloger and Metadata Creator at New York University. Some of her recent work has appeared in Library Management and Library and Archival Security, and focuses on disaster management in Middle Eastern libraries and archives.

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