Fall 2012 Publications

Congratulations to those who published articles and books this Fall. The list below includes publications primarily from this Fall, but also includes other articles published in 2012 that were not previously mentioned on the blog.Journal Articles

Dougan, Kirstin. (2012). Information Seeking Behaviors of Music Students. Reference Services Review. 40(4), 558-573.

Hahn, Jim. (2012). Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Library Services. New Library World. 113(9/10). 429-438.

Hahn, J. & Ryckman, N. (2012). Modular mobile application design. Code4Lib Journal, 18.

Hess, Kirk. (2012). Discovering Digital Library User Behavior with Google Analytics. Code4Lib Journal, 17.

Kagan, Al. (2011). Selected Internet Sources for the Study of Africa. African Research & Documentation, 117, 19-47. [actually published 2012].

Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore. (2012). The first 30 years of the internet through the lens of an academic library The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1982-2012. Library Hi Tech,30(4), 623-642.

Yoo-Seong Song, & Jong-Moon Lee. (2012) Mobile device ownership among international business students: a road to the ubiquitous library. Reference Services Review, 40(4), 574 – 588.

Books and Book Chapters

Allison, Melody M. 2012. “Librarian as social entrepreneur.” In The Entrepreneurial Librarian. Mary Krautter, Mary Beth Lock, MaryG. Scanlon, Eds. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.

Carns, Paula Mae.  A Curious Collection in Ivory: The Lord Gort Casket. In Collections in Context: The Organization of Knowledge and Community in Europe. Edited by Karen Fresco and Anne D. Hedeman. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press, 2012, 246-274.

Jin, Qiang. (2012). Demystifying FRAD: Functional requirements for authority data. Santa Barbara, Calif: Libraries Unlimited.

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