Stat 542: Lectures

Contents for Stat542 may vary from semester to semester, subject to change/revision at the instructor’s discretion. The contents below are from Spring 2019. UIUC students can access lecture videos [Here]. Please send your comments to liangf AT illinois DOT edu.

[Week 0: Prerequisite] [Week 1: Introduction]
[Week 2: Linear Regression] [Week 3: Variable Selection and Regularization]
[Week 4: Regression Trees] [Week 5: Nonlinear Regression]
[Week 6: Clustering Analysis] [Week 7: Latent Structure Models]
[Week 9: Discriminant Analysis] [Week 10: Logistic Regression]
[Week 11: Support Vector Machine] [Week 12: Classification Trees]
[Week 13: Recommender System] [Week 14: Brief Introduction to Deep Learning]

[Frequently Asked Questions]

ESL = Elements of Statistical Learning; ISLR = An Introduction to Statistical Learning