Puerto Rico Summary

For Engineering Open House I imagine our booth to be the movie booth that we discussed earlier during our time in Puerto Rico. We’ll have our tent sectioned off into three areas, each area will have two+ monitors, with videos focusing on El Yunque, the beach/ocean and agriculture. While I think the movie booth will be super cool and attract many visitors, I can see one major pitfall in our plan. That being, while we have our videos and send people through our series of movies, people will  be engaging with the screens. Our videos, while providing people the chance to get a taste of Puerto Rico, eliminate us from the equation the moment we hit play. So hopefully we can come up with a way to keep all us as part of the presentation. Maybe the best way to do that would be a game, similar to ‘Puerto Rico, Illinois, los dos o ninguno?’ that could be played in the begin, but the game has a few more questions that are more educational about Puerto Rico. Then after our visitors walk through our series of movies, we could have an exit game, or give the visitors a chance to ask us any questions. That way we could be more engaged with anyone that chooses to visit us.