Wei-Ting Liao approaches his Preliminary Exam

Please consider joining us for the open portion of his preliminary exam.

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Title: Social and Engineering Perspectives on Optimal Farm Management and Reliable Grain Supply Chain Networks


Key decisions for optimizing the timing of culture tasks and farming outputs are affected by spatial-temporal changes of weather-related events and other conditions. The underlying information sources used today, such as local communities and government institutions, help farmers schedule culture tasks, but the updates of this information may be delayed, anecdotal and low in spatial resolution. The objectives of the study are to build a framework to support farming decisions based on the information in real-time social webs to identify opportunities and risks in supply chain networks between farmers and markets. Our central hypothesis is that we can extract agricultural information for targeted locations from social and news media to suggest optimal culture task decisions. The corollary hypothesis is that we can apply complex network analysis to evaluate the characteristics and performance of grain supply chains. These intentions contribute better farm management strategies.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

208 AESB

8:30 AM