Post Docs

 Lydia Kisley, PhD

Beckman-Brown Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD in Chemistry, Rice University (2015)

 Lydia’s personal site

Bio: Lydia was born and raised in the Cleveland area. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Wittenberg University in 2010. During undergrad, she participated in research at Clemson University and at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Lydia then left the great state of Ohio for Houston, Texas, where she was a NSF graduate research fellow at Rice University under Prof. Christy Landes . She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry in 2015. She joined the Leckband Research Group in 2015.

Project Description: In the BioInterfaces and Cell Mechanics Group, Lydia is a Beckman-Brown interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellow collaborating with the groups of Prof. Martin Gruebele and Prof. Paul Braun to investigate protein folding dynamics in different polymer environments (poly(zwitterions), hydrogels) using fluorescent techniques. Specifically, Fast Relaxation Imaging (FReI) is being used to spatiotemporally monitor how the conformation and folding of proteins is effected by materials.