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Graduate Students
We are seeking graduate applicants for multiple projects

Force transduction in breast cancer. Studies focus on interactions between adhesion protein complexes, extracellular matrix, and growth factor receptors in the mechanical regulation of epithelial tissue. We study how these factors regulate the organization and function of 2D and 3D epithelial tissues. Out specific interest is how these factors together contribute to malignant transformation in breast cancer. Studies also investigate how cancer linked mutations in these proteins and changes in gene expression contribute to disease progression.

Post Docs

02/23/2021: Postdoctoral position available immediately to investigate mechanotransduction in epithelia. The specific focus is on cross talk between adhesion proteins (cahderins and integrins), growth factor receptors, and extracellular matrix in the mechanical regulation of epithelial organization and function. Mechanical studies will determine how perturbing cadherin-growth factor receptor interactions alters force transduction signaling and malignant transformation in 3D breast tumor organoids. Studies will use fluorescence measurements to quantify the influence of cancer linked mutations in cadherins on interactions with growth factor receptors on the membranes of live cells. Candidates should have a strong background in protein engineering, quantitative fluorescence imaging, and cell culture.

Undergraduate Students

We always welcome highly motivated undergraduate students to join our lab! Students with research experience are preferred.

Any open research projects and the person of contact are listed below. Include in your email a resume with your education background (major, GPA etc.), major courses taken and previous research experience etc.

No current undergraduate research projects at this time.