Welcome to the official League of Linguists website! We’re the undergraduate Linguistics RSO, and our mission is to stimulate social interaction and academic enrichment among the members of the Department of Linguistics. We hold weekly meetings, fundraisers, and academic and social events in order to promote the study of language as a science, a hobby, and an academic institution.

Some examples of things we’ve done at meetings this year:

  • Played IPA Jeopardy
  • Worked through puzzles involving Bantu morphology
  • Unsuccessfully tried to resolve long-standing problems in generative syntax
  • Game night!
  • Ate lots of cookies and drank lots of tea
  • Made good friends

If you want to have fun with people who share your interests, to contribute to the Department in a positive way, or just to try something new, stop by one of our meetings in FLB 4100, Wednesdays at 6pm. All are welcome!