Current Students

  1. Jungeun Shin, PhD advisee, ISE, Jan 2017 – present. Co-advised with Prof. Rakesh Nagi.
  2. Jing Gao, PhD candidate, University of Minnesota, 2019 – present.
  3. Sanyukta Deshpande, advisee, ISE PhD student, May 2020 – Dec 2021.
  4. Xiyitao Zhu, ISE PhD student, Aug 2020 – present
  5. Undergraduates: Bingyu Zhou, Lejun Zhou, Ethan Huang

Other Student Mentees

  1. Max Li, PhD, MIT, Summer 2019 – Summer 2021. Currently Visiting Assistant Prof at University of Michigan.
  2. Karthik Gopalakrishnan, PhD candidate at MIT, Fall 2019 – Summer 2021. Currently postdoc at Stanford.

Past Students

  1. Akhil Gupta, MS candidate, August 2019 – May 2021. First position Walmart Labs.
  2. Jane Lee, PhD advisee, CEE, defended August 2019, dissertation deposited August 2020.
  3. Mozhde Bagheri Hosseini, August 2019 – Dec 2020.
  4. Naman Shukla, MS student, graduated June 2019. Now at Deepair Solutions (airline pricing AI startup).
  5. Mayank Baranwal, collaborator; recent UIUC PhD graduate, now postdoc at Univ of Michigan
  6. Chandrasekhar S. Manchiraju, collaborator (formerly RA at ISB, now PhD student at UT Dallas)
  7. Kaushik Krishnan, MS student, graduated August 2017. Now at Optym.
  8. Ruojie Zeng, senior undergraduate, graduated May 2018. Now pursuing PhD at UC Berkeley.
  9. Ziying Xiang, MEng student, graduated May 2017.
  10. Lihao Yu, CS undergraduate student.
  11. Viru Agarwal, undergraduate student.
  12. Praveen Tumuluri (ISE, UIUC). Graduated with MS in August 2015. Earlier with Caterpillar, now with Intel in Portland.
  13. Guanqun Li (ISE, UIUC). Graduated with MS in August 2015. Working with IBM China.
  14. Undergraduates: Bill M. Agung, Sanghyun Shin, Darsh Jalan, Nirmal A. Prakash, Michael E. Gale, Aritro Nandi
  15. At Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University: Varun Biyani (M.S. student, Heinz College, CMU). Co-founder, LogiNext and Founder, TruckHall; Jue Wang (M.S. student); Anirudh Bhargava (M.S. student); Eshwar Narayan (M.S. student); Aayush Kumar (B.S. student, Computer Science, CMU)