Technology Woes? Visit CITES

By Sarah Bransley


I recently spoke with a transfer student at an orientation about her troubles accessing her course website and recognized that many incoming students don’t know about our amazing IT support guys at CITES! CITES, or Campus Information Technologies ­­and Educational Services, is an amazing resource for not only for faculty but students as well.

I first interacted with CITES when trying to access the campus WiFi with my smartphone. I called their help line and they helped me figure out how to access the student-only WiFi. The guys I talked with on the phone were really polite, helpful, and got my problem figured out in less than 15 minutes! I didn’t need to call them though, because you can also email them or visit them during walk-in hours. The second time I contacted them it was because I was certain my computer had a virus. A separate program sends student workers to your home to help you fix your computer, as CITES itself does not work on student computers. However, CITES was happy to set me up with the program and get me on my way as well as offer the names of some companies in town who could also do the work.

Not everyone will have my problems with computers. Maybe you’re like the girl I spoke with and only having trouble accessing your classes online. Whether it be on Compass2G, Moodle, or any other university website, CITES can help you! Another online headache can be figuring out how to set up your school email using Gmail. CITES can also help you with that, as well as MS Exchange, Spam Control, and other email issues. Their website (shown below) has links to all of their services, including my favorite, where you can find discounted or free software and software training.

Basically CITES is there to back you up for your technology needs while on campus. If you have a problem and haven’t tried them already, check it out! They explain a lot on their website so you might not even have to contact them to solve your problem. Here’s to hoping you have no technology woes this semester!

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