Ryan J. Larsen

Research Scientist

Department of Psychology, Department of Animal Sciences, Personalized Nutrition Initiative
Email: larsen@illinois.edu


Dr. Larsen’s research uses MRI to study the physical correlates of cognitive performance, and how they relate to nutrition, cardiorespiratory fitness, and body composition. His research covers the human lifespan, including infants, children, young adults, and older adults. Dr. Larsen ’s research has employed a variety of techniques, including MR Spectroscopy, sodium MRI, relaxation parameter mapping, simultaneous EEG-fMRI, Arterial Spin Labeling, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and Voxel-Based Morphometry. Dr. Larsen has also performed research on a variety of topics in materials science and mechanics, including rheology, stereology, materials synthesis, and the phase behavior of soft materials. Dr. Larsen holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University.



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Select Publications

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics

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Soft Matter Physics

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