DPI Grant on Net-Zero Infrastructure

Our research group, with PI Dr. Farhad Ansari of UIC, was selected for seed funding by the Discovery Partners Institute. Dr. Kontou is a co-PI.

Our project focuses on transportation infrastructure planning for net-zero carbon emissions. With increased frequency of extreme weather events, as well as the specter of cyber-attack disruptions to the transportation network, this science team brings together multi-disciplinary, international expertise in infrastructure and transportation engineering, data science and cybersecurity, atmospheric sciences, and economy, addressing two key challenges: (i) how can we ensure the resiliency of our transportation infrastructure as it responds to increasing electrification of transport, particularly in pursuit of achieving “net zero” emissions; (ii) how does increasing embedding of digital technologies can be supported through cyber-resilient monitoring and control? The announcement of the award can be found here: https://dpi.uillinois.edu/news/dpi-awards-more-than-1-5-million-in-second-round-of-rd-seed-grants/.