DPI Grant on Net-Zero Infrastructure

Our research group, with PI Dr. Farhad Ansari of UIC, was selected for seed funding by the Discovery Partners Institute. Dr. Kontou is a co-PI.

Our project focuses on transportation infrastructure planning for net-zero carbon emissions. With increased frequency of extreme weather events, as well as the specter of cyber-attack disruptions to the transportation network, this science team brings together multi-disciplinary, international expertise in infrastructure and transportation engineering, data science and cybersecurity, atmospheric sciences, and economy, addressing two key challenges: (i) how can we ensure the resiliency of our transportation infrastructure as it responds to increasing electrification of transport, particularly in pursuit of achieving “net zero” emissions; (ii) how does increasing embedding of digital technologies can be supported through cyber-resilient monitoring and control? The announcement of the award can be found here: https://dpi.uillinois.edu/news/dpi-awards-more-than-1-5-million-in-second-round-of-rd-seed-grants/.

EV charging infrastructure roadmap project, funded by IDOT!

Excited to announce that our research group received funding ($238,415) by the Illinois Department of Transportation to conduct research on our state’s EV charging infrastructure deployment needs. Our research will identify the electrification pathways to meet 2035 greenhouse gas reduction goals for Illinois, and have a detailed plan in place for vehicle electrification charging requirements. The optimal charging infrastructure investment allocation and placement in the Illinois highway network will be presented. Our work will provide Illinois Department of Transportation with a model and report that will enable quantification of the number and the highway location of electric vehicles charging stations deployed to meet the 2035 EV travel demand. The report will quantify electrified miles traveled, environmental externalities (carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions) reduction benefits, as well as the capital and operational costs of deployment of the recommended level and numbers of charging. More info here: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/65679#tabs-2.

Kontou wins Grainger Small Equipment Grant to establish a Transportation Systems Lab!

Dr. Kontou is the PI of a winning Grainger small equipment grant! She and her co-PIs (faculty of the transportation systems group) will use the funding to purchase equipment and software to elevate transportation systems research and education at UIUC, providing our students access to simulation and visualization software, raspberry-pi cameras and sensors, and a deep learning server! More info here.