Kontou leads an ONR project!

Thank you Office of Naval Research for funding our Adaptive Transportation Management of Naval Logistics for Distributed Energy Supply (ATM-LOG) project. More information on our scope can be found here: https://cee.illinois.edu/news/kontou-energy-supply-issues-deployed-vehicles-contested-environments.

Conceptual schematic of the electrified logistics system for naval energy supply.

EV charging infrastructure roadmap project, funded by IDOT!

Excited to announce that our research group received funding ($238,415) by the Illinois Department of Transportation to conduct research on our state’s EV charging infrastructure deployment needs. Our research will identify the electrification pathways to meet 2035 greenhouse gas reduction goals for Illinois, and have a detailed plan in place for vehicle electrification charging requirements. The optimal charging infrastructure investment allocation and placement in the Illinois highway network will be presented. Our work will provide Illinois Department of Transportation with a model and report that will enable quantification of the number and the highway location of electric vehicles charging stations deployed to meet the 2035 EV travel demand. The report will quantify electrified miles traveled, environmental externalities (carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions) reduction benefits, as well as the capital and operational costs of deployment of the recommended level and numbers of charging. More info here: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/65679#tabs-2.

Project on Community Charging Hubs Selected for Award by Department of Energy

The Department of Energy and its Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) announced $139 million in federal funding for 55 projects that will support innovative advanced vehicle technologies: https://www.energy.gov/articles/doe-announces-139-million-funding-55-projects-advance-innovative-vehicle-technologies. Our project on integrated modeling and technoeconomic assessment of electric vehicle community charging hubs was selected for award! The list of the selected projects can be found here. Our group at the University of Illinois is excited to work with VTO to create a novel modeling framework for community charging hubs operations in an effort to support equitable access to sustainable, electrified mobility.