Welcome to the Spring 2024 National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Faculty of Law Peer to Peer Legal English Writing Workshop!

The Workshop is intended to provide undergraduate law students at the Faculty of Law at Kyiv Mohyla (KMA) the opportunity to work on an individual basis with native English speakers who are sophisticated and experienced in legal writing and to provide US law students the opportunity to get to know Ukrainian law students and contribute to the advancement of legal education in Ukraine. US students and KMA students will work in pairs.

The workshop will take place over six weeks as set out in the Schedule tab. All of the materials for this workshop are on this website. The assignment is at the Assignment tab and all supporting documents are at the Statute and Decisions tab. There is a tab for materials that are limited to the US-based tutors. There are also a significant number of resources to consult on English language legal writing both for the US tutors and for KMA students.

The writing assignment is the Assignment tab. There you will find information on the length of the assignment and guidelines. Please note, and this is very important, that the point of the workshop is to work on writing and not to research a legal issue. While insights into the law are important, the focus should be on becoming familiar with what English-speaking clients expect in terms of writing, tone, organization and style of a memo discussing Ukrainian law.

If you have questions on organization or logistics of the workshop, please contact Natalia Maksymchuk, Deputy Director of the Workshop, n.maksymchuk@ukma.edu.ua.

Questions relating to the substantive Ukrainian law should be directed to Ivan Yatskevych, Professor of Labor Law, KMA, ivan.yatskevych@ukma.edu.ua.

Other persons who have agreed to serve as resources on legal writing or tutoring are listed on the website. US tutors will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the workshop acknowledging their contribution and KMA students will receive credit in accordance with internal KMA criteria.