Selected Publications

Lexical nominalizations in Korean
(2021, In S. Cho and J. Whitman eds., Cambridge Handbook of Korean Linguistics)

Experimental evidence supporting the overlapping distribution of core and exempt anaphors: Re-examination of long-distance bound caki-casin in Korean
(2020, With Eun Hee Kim, Linguistics)

Morphology and Language Attrition
(2019, With Silvina Montrul, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics)

Korean Syntax
(2018, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics)

A-Scrambling and Subjecthood
(2018, With Ji-Hye Kim, PACLIC-32 Proceedings)

Lexical integrity and suspended affixation in two types of denominal predicates in Korean
(2017, Glossa)

Implications of Constraints on Null Constituents for Analyses of the Right Dislocation Construction
(2016, In Japanese-Korean Linguistics 23, CSLI Publications)

An Experimental Investigation of On-line and Off-line Binding Properties of Korean Reflexives—Evolving Grammar of Multiple Reflexives 
(2016, In Japanese-Korean Linguistics 22, CSLI Publications)

Double nominative and double accusative constructions
(2015, In L. Brown and J. Yeon eds., The Handbook of Korean Linguistics)

The on-line processing of binding principles in second language acquisition: Evidence from eye-tracking
(2015, With Eunah Kim and Silvina Montrul, Applied Psycholinguistics)

Dominant language influence in acquisition and attrition of binding interpretation of the korean reflexive caki
(2010, With Ji-Hye Kim and Silvina Montrul, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition)

The distribution of subject properties in multiple subject constructions
(2009, Japanese-Korean Linguistics 16, CSLI Publications)

Binding interpretations of anaphors by Korean heritage speakers (2009, With Ji-Hye Kim and Silvina Montrul, Language Acquisition)

Long-distance bound local anaphors in Korean-an empirical study of the Korean anaphor caki-casin
(2009, With Ji-Hye Kim, Lingua)

Putting parameters in their proper place
(2009, With Silvina Montrul, Second Language Research)

An experimental syntactic study of the binding of multiple anaphors in Korean
(2008, With Ji-Hye Kim, Journal of Cognitive Science)

Raising of major arguments in Korean and Japanese
(2007, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory)

Non-morphological determination of nominal particle ordering in Korean
(2005, In L. Heggie and F. Ordonez eds., Clitic and Affix Combinations: Theoretical Perspectives, John Benjamins)

Conjunction reduction and its consequences for noun phrase morphosyntax in Korean
(2005, With Wooseung Lee, WCCFL 24)

Dual lexical categories and inflectional morphology
(2005, In P. Sells and O. Orgun eds., Morphology and the Web of Grammar: Essays in Memory of Steve G. Lapointe, CSLI Publications, p. 139-168)

Nominal, verbal, and cross-categorial affixation in Korean
(1995, Journal of East Asian Linguistics 4, 325-356)

Non-nominative (major) subjects and case-stacking in Korean
(2004, In P. Bhaskararao and K. V. Subbarao eds., Non-Nominative Subjects, Vol 2, John Benjamins)

Coordination Asymmetries
(1997, Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics VII, pp. 3-32.)

Nominal gerund phrases in English as phrasal zero derivations
(1996, Linguistics 34, 329-356)

Ambiguity of government and the Chain Condition
(1996, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 14: 105-162)

Korean verbal inflection and Checking Theory
(1994, MITWPL Vol 22, pp 251-270)

Lexical Integrity and the morphosyntax of verbal inflection in Korean coordination
(1994 ms, expanded version of the MITWPL paper)

On the composition of COMP and parameter of V2
(1992, With Rakesh Bhatt, WCCFL 10)