Metaphor for My Writing Process

I like to compare my writing process to the construction of a house. For a well-polished product, it has to first start with a plan. 

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Every house begins with a blue print. The blue print allows the architect to visualize how the house will be structured, the material to be used for different portions of the house, the necessary details to make the house stand out from the rest, etc. Similarly, I begin my writing process with an outline. I like to brainstorm how I’ll introduce my topic, the details/evidence I need to include to support my topic, and how to organize my paragraphs to make the essay as strong and efficient as possible.

To begin the construction, a foundation must first be laid.

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As shown in the image a house begins with a foundation. A strong foundation is important because it ensures the rest of the structure will be supported. Also, a good and strong foundation prevents the building from toppling when faced against forces of nature such as strong winds or floods. I like to begin my essays by establishing my thesis statement. A strong thesis statement allows my audience to understand what I’m arguing for and helps me as a writer to stay on track so I don’t “topple”. With a strong thesis, my paper is focused and has importance.

After the foundation is laid, construction on rest of the structure begins. This includes the wooden structure that outlines the individual rooms, the roof, etc. 

The video demonstrates the process of building the wooden structure of a house in order to bring the plan outlined in the blueprint into fruition. The individual bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms is what completes a house’s structure. The roof prevents the individuals living inside from being drenched by rain and maintains a proper temperature. When these key components come together, the house is habitable and thorough. In a similar fashion, the combination of evidence and analysis makes the individual paragraphs complete. The details I provide in my body paragraphs elaborate upon my initial thesis and helps the reader understand the purpose of my paper.

A house is put on the real estate market once it’s touched up. This means it’s freshly painted, rooms are filled with furnitures, plumbing is installed, and much more important wrap ups to make the house unique.

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 A house can’t be sold unless it looks visually appealing. The walls have to be painted, construction debris has to be cleaned up, the rooms must have furnitures, and basic utilities must be installed before it’s completely habitable. In my essays, I like to conclude by wrapping up my thesis and leaving my audience with new details that makes them think. These are statements or questions that asks my audience to think about the bigger picture regarding the topic I’m discussing, how it impacts them, the world, or their family. By concluding an essay in a strong fashion, you have successfully sold your thesis to your audience and helped them understand your proposition.