Making America Wealthy Again

On March 28 2017, the story that struck me the most on NBC Nightly News was “the War on Coal.” NBC addressed the issue of how Donald Trump is “scraping” parts of the clean air act in order to give way for the coal industry. He is also trying to deregulate the act which makes coal tougher to mine in federal land. This was all done in the name of making “America wealthy again” and delivering on campaign promises. This story carries news values as it follows the value of timeliness. “The War on Coal” is something implemented very recently through the acts passed by Donald Trump. It also holds the value of conflict as there would be opposing interest from coal miners, to coal plant owners and to the environment. There is obviously a trade-off between profit generating and sustaining the environment which in turn impacts many people. This story also carries the value of human interest as it involves job creation that could be at the expense of people’s health. Lastly, when the name Donald Trump is mentioned, the news would somehow inadvertently carry the value of prominence. All these news values make this story newsworthy.